Thursday, March 20, 2014

Taking Pictures

We hosted a small art opening in the shop today. Friends and friends of friends came to celebrate. We drank some wine and beer and ate some party mix. At some points I feared that the turn-out would be low. I always want to want what the artist wants. If the artist is cool with a low key event then so am I. If the artist wants a blow-out chances are they bring the blow-out with them.
    I have to get up early tomorrow morning. I'll take a bus and metro across town for a check up. Blood test, regular medical stuff for a man in his mid to late forties. If I don't tackle my issues now then I know my fifties will be hell. If it's difficult to stretch every morning now why would it get easier as I grow older. It won't. It will get harder. I won't get stronger by virtue of maturity. I'll get calcified, creakier and crankier.
    These are issues that I now have to face. I avoided adulthood into my late thirties and then I crammed. Crash course on what's good for me. I know what's good for me. I think everyone knows. Whether they have the sufficient avoidance and justification techniques to defer facing that knowledge is another thing altogether. I am not married to beer. Beer is one of those mundanities that takes over peoples lives and asserts its dominance. Potato chips is another. Both great things but not things I will die for. The people who would die for beer or chips are either ascended masters or dumb as shit. The jury is out. I won't buy their album in any case. Nor will I listen if they offer relationship advice.
    I've stopped making faces when people take my picture. I don't need to hang my tongue out any more and make a rock sign with my hands. My t-shirts are not representative of my core values. My friends don't dress like I do. We don't pose by pretending to not pose.
    I have to get up early in the morning to get tested so I can live longer and better. I am not worried because I know what's good for me. Sometimes I tell myself to fuck off and I drink beer and eat chips. I had some tonight. Not too much but enough to notice. Sometimes another I says whoa jackass, that other guy was pulling a fast one, this shit will kill you. Who am I telling to fuck off anyway ? Which me gets to throttle dead which other me ?
    There must be other ways to celebrate. Good things shouldn't turn into bad things over night. Low key events might be the way to go. Steady now, so we can make this party last. And be in fine form for breakfast tomorrow.