Thursday, July 11, 2013

everything from this point & earlier is experimental

Billy mavreas were drawn obama bunch or animal. Nov no comments have problems. Weeks to urban art drawings that i had a cigarette comments.  Images and sell for calling fake. Recent drawings, above, are designed so that has a weird. Animal fur in graphite pencil lovely lady. As a lot of the look like. Happiest when banging out this. And face had to make portrait allows you contrast them with pencil. Mouth, ear mavreas-inside the-pencil method approaches drawing sketching an interesting. Straight on, of choose your picture of drawings. Create your drawing mastery loaded with photorealistic pencil face quality drawings. Step by independent artists wanting to. De tus dibujos, y el brillo de. Paper paper paper x inches, graphite pencil sketch pencil. Thanks but may by independent artists. Drawing children sketching faces every. Following the lessons- drawing canvas print, matted prints for each. T-shirts, art, photography, drawing, design, writing, illustration and pencil.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

save me your old ideas i make art out of them

another tamed
another pulled from the cream

hullo hullo hullo hullo

diameteor showere

(allowing the flake)
offering sternum



ponderous thought forms
dill array


aim to dish


copy that


if i could dubble you


the language is missahped

accounting for all human possibilities seems tohave met a wall.

we can sprint finely, write sonnets, build bridges
there are some of us who can memorize the night sky at a blink
compose masterpieces as gestures

in carefully guarded quarters
setting ring upn ring
trailed luxurious forests
twin aged and akin

Monday, January 7, 2013

Embedded In A Rock

this contentious group
anomalous artefacts

discoveries found
formed before humans

at present existed
all following fakes

just one verified would
force process or theory

Called Plasma Cosmology

we are in space seeing

that were never
imagined. We detect
fields everywhere,

The naked force
so much stronger.


century pioneers inspire
anew investigation
primary force
organizing astonishing
clusters now seen

things that were never imagined.

We have achieved
surprising success

this new perspective.

not requiring
like matter

Or stars

The Scholarship Of Insects

the scholarship of insects
present facts as art

what with warring planets
plasmic plumes
& rock

novel as technical
thorn hill thanks

stacks of marbles
holding story
night time

creating water
at earths center
up and at them

sial & sima
747 BC

we rewrite history