Saturday, May 28, 2011

we all start small


feet curled on wood, stymied
feet flat on the cool tiles resting
back straight and head loose at neck
shoulders eased
eyes released
text is easier to manipulate when it exists
it exists as a sign of my folly
the beasts dehors are braying
just kids, a busful of teens doing art and bagels
here is to be cloggy on the keys and empty in the head
to know that i don't do what i do, it does me, i'm a silent grave
scooters, vacation, fall

i don't reread

instead of deleting i publish post
i must focus on the positive
i must curtail my desires
this musty must word must be banished
if at my own terms the word repeats and i swindle co-appetite thus far wind
automatic super stun burst word one away from belching forth
the inability to type on this thing
the want of keys wider spaced so surfing starts
a poor workman blames his tools
this paralysis that sets in over long term that maybe saps the will

evidence of vampirism

blaming myself for being too weak to resist the pull of appetite

traitor weed

Thursday, May 19, 2011

squeezelle and the rod

blanchard doll stick fury

rim-tone essence frip

click the jar far spastic

mingle tight the show way

glide ranch pony sauce delightful

volt begonia peer assessment

warble truce and pygmy statutes

fringe a zillion post mosquitoes

skill a tweezer deluxe model

bargain chew through denver airway

click a saddle stitch merchant sing

door door fruit juice cup string deer song ring

eat the empty bowels down

howl for sailors windows

beat the wrong dismissal

hang a rayon curtain

sting a turtle island

heave a moment








tweetin' on da blog

this way there is no censorship or even editorial trysts. sheer go ahead and damn perception
my phantom readership demands more serious efforts. they demand i give it a shot once a week to say the least and not just pithy quotes but ramble.
and not just ramble stoned and queer but digs and jeer and tried true sentence structure.

i'll lift and lilt and spill some beer and cross the words out as they tumble

month long no goes ain't where it's at