Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Unity Consciousness

is it too much to ask that if enough of us willfully invited unity consciousness it would occur ?
isn't it time for an ascension of species, planet, dna, etc., ?
no ringleaders no credit takers no nothing
just phase shift into a bigger mind

us people scream our scream of fear and horror
as atcrocity upon catastrophe is heaped upon our heads
take our borders and our grudges and our fear of neighbours
take ancient hate forgotten feud beaten child abandoned elder
take glutton greed and want and breed a new world

you death dealers take your pie and island and leave the rest of us to farm and make sport
we'll still make shows and baubles for you
you thing buyer stop & choose wisely
breathe deeply and slow down
make light if you can make light
smile and take the arm of an other
i think we could think about our moment to awaken
i think we can actualize a group mind, a species wide connection to itself and the planet
the return of greed and competition to arenas not profit making
to the poetry of seventeen year olds
to the safety of children
to their right to grow unabused and allowed to play
to their destiny to forge a brighter world

man o man
please get it together
here we go, just do this

womens rights
childrens rights
animal rights
protection of green spaces
the redefinition of value away from material power
the respect of the human arts
addressing the needs of those differently minded
schools, gardens, sanctuaries, museums, galleries, theatres, arenas, parks.

that we think we need what we do in the saturated west is the first thing to consider
that we disengage with media drama is the second
to stop and breathe
to make art
to write this down while i can