Friday, May 2, 2014

Keep Going

Don't walk into the lion's den. Look straight ahead and avoid the bars, make a beeline for the bus stop. Go home. Do not get tempted by the lights, the thought of one last drink. It will only unravel you, it will send you down, you'll probably vomit, get into a fight, make a scene.
    It will bring danger.
    Danger seeps out from every night spot. Don't turn your head right or left unless you're crossing the street. Wait for the light. Breathe deeply. Cross like a lawful citizen. Hold it together. No snacks, no drinks, do not respond to the threatening teenagers or the calling ladies. Go straight home.
    Do not ask anybody for a cigarette. Do not respond if someone asks you for a light. It's ok to be a jerk just this once. Get going.
    Ignore everybody around you. The only thing on your radar should be cop cars. Don't walk too fast or too slow. Keep breathing, you're almost there. Almost free from this horrible place. This Saturday night hell downtown.
    Don't walk into the lion's den. There be dragons. No eye-contact tonight. One foot in front of the other. To the bus stop.
    On the bus you can relax your shoulders, you can sigh relief, you can slump down in your seat, you can even let yourself nod off though you'll be awake for hours to come.
    Just get home, no distractions. Keep going.